Plastic ID Badge Printing Made Easy

Everything you need to print ID badges all in one box.
The EasyBadge 2.0 System Includes :

  • EasyBadge 2.0 Plastic Card Printer
  • 100 Print Colour Ribbon & 100 Plastic Cards
  • EasyBadge LITE Card Printing Software
  • Free EasyBadge App for Mobile & Tablet
The EasyBadge System includes an EasyBadge Printer, Software, 200 cards and ribbon to print
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EasyBadge Wizard in action

Printing In 5 Minutes
With The Set-Up Wizard

The easy step by step EasyBadge Wizard allows you to quickly create the database and a fantastic looking ID card design all in a matter of minutes

EasyBadge App
For Mobile & Tablet

Remove the headache of image capture with the EasyBadge app. Connect your app to the EasyBadge database using a unique code and records can be added or edited, photos captured and sent in seconds from anywhere in the world.

The EasyBadge mobile app uses the cloud to synchronise with your desktop software
EasyBadge Card editor in action

Simplicity Of Use With
Stress Free Software

With multiple ways to view the ID records you can choose how you use the software. On card editing allows for easier and faster editing of cards meaning more time to get on with your other tasks.

Built In Support
Help Is At Hand

Instead of searching through a manual the Easybadge support section allows you to ask your question directly in the software. Not only do you get an answer, in some instances, the software can actually perform the task you are having difficulty with!

In the unlikely event that you can’t find an answer to your problem you can ask a question directly to the developers via the ”ask a question” section.

Search the regularly updated built-in FAQ for immediate help
EasyBadge Card design template

Card Design Wizard
Professional Designs In Seconds

Although EasyBadge will automatically create stunning card designs based on any logo that is uploaded you can easily create additional designs from scratch or from existing designs quickly and easily.

Learn more about EasyBadge the printer

Plug And Play ID Badge Printer.
Fast And Cost Effective

Designed and manufactured for a stress free printing experience. We’ve given you a head start by already installing a colour print ribbon for you so it’s just a matter of loading some cards and hitting print!

A full colour badge is printed within 30 seconds and is ready to be worn. No time needed for drying or further processes like lamination to protect.

EasyBadge Printer
5 year warranty with every printer

5 Year Printer Warranty
For Peace Of Mind

With its rigorous testing and intensive quality control it’ll be incredibly unlikely that you will ever have to use it!

Ready to Print with a
Colour Ribbon & Cards

Included in the box are 100 premium white plastic cards and a 100 print colour ribbon. The ribbon is preloaded for a stress free quick start.

For every ribbon bought we plant a tree, by buying an EasyBadge system you’re doing something positive for the environment.

200 plastic ID cards and ribbon

SmartMark, an Added Layer of Security for No Extra Cost

SmartMark appears as a transparent overlay panel on the surface of the card. It's visible to the naked eye and can be customised to include text, pictures or logos.

SmartMark printing enhances security

EasyBadge System

EasyBadge 2.0 Plastic Card Printer

100 Print Colour Ribbon & 100 Plastic Cards

EasyBadge LITE Card Printing Software

Free EasyBadge App for Mobile & Tablet

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The EasyBadge System comes in a nice little box